How we started...

It all started in late 1990s when a handful of youths consecrated themselves to a greater goal to serve society. And so the dream of their benevolence incarnated as ‘Arpan Seva Sansthan’, on the blessed day of March 29, 1996.

ARPAN SEVA SANSTHAN, a non – profit organization, registered under the Rajasthan Societies Registration Act 1958, was brought up in shape on 29th March 1996. It was formed by a team of young professionals who had the dedication & commitment to serve rural community and bring about positive societal change.

ARPAN was brought into existence with the purpose of ensuring access of community to secured livelihood opportunities. Dr. Subh Karan Singh and his colleagues during their bachelor degree in agricultural engineering understood the need for development i.e. “the process improving the conditions and prospects” of rural community.

They saw that the rural community in general was not aware of the new and improved technologies as well as government development policies that could enable them to empower themselves enough to build their livelihoods in better way. They also understood that the main characteristics of NGOs are their ability to reach poor communities in remote areas that have few basic resources or infrastructure, and where government services are limited or ineffective; they have the ability to promote local participation in the design and implementation of public programmes by building self-confidence and strengthening the organizational capability among low-income people; they use low-cost technologies, streamlined services and low operating costs; and they are innovative and adaptable in the identification of local needs, can build upon resources and transfer technologies developed elsewhere.

They formed a team with a belief that through their own initiative they can better fulfill their potential by working together, and thereby reduce the opportunity gap that exists between the advantaged and the disadvantages in society.