Exposure tour is an important and effective method to spread awareness in rural community on watershed development program. Through exposure trips user groups were demonstrated effectively the usefulness of appropriate technologies which have been successfully experimented. It also exhibited the effectiveness of appropriate technologies for socio-economic development of the people, particularly for the upliftment of their living conditions. Each tour was arranged for six to seven days.

Sites Visited

  • Horticulture (rose cultivation) at Pushkar.
  • Pushkar valley project.
  • Forest work at Banswara/Udaipur
  • Successful watersheds – Mangliawas/Ramsin
  • Watersheds of Udaipur zone & Jodhpur zone for comparatively study.
  • College of Technology & Agricultural Engineering, Udaipur– Model watershed technology, use of renewable energy techniques, low cost improved farm implements & agriculture processing technologies.
  • Rajasthan Agriculture College, Udaipur – Improved Agriculture crop variety, seed processing technology, herbal garden, dairy & poultry farm, advance horticulture cultivation technology, green house technology.
  • CAZARI/AFRI, Jodhpur – Arid Zone plantation, water harvesting technology.

It helped farmers get themselves oriented regarding new innovations and variety of improved technologies and update as well as replicate the same in their own farms and on others in their villages.

Training Under SGSY Scheme
ARPAN has supported basic orientation training to 150 SHG’s including 1800 participants of district Banswara under SGSY programme. The center of attention of the training program was emphasized on formulation of groups, functioning, record keeping, financial management, bank linkages, strengthening, capacity building and long lasting survival of groups.