Arpan – Signifies to deliver

Arpan means to give, to deliver and that is what we are committed to. We channelize our efforts for the betterment of society which gave us the potential to stand here.

On behalf of our professional and dedicated ‘Arpanites’, we want to express our gratitude towards the society that made us what we are right now. We all share a common zeal to work for our fellow being, for the betterment of poor, deprived rural society and bring them into the mainstream.

Swami Vivekanand and Chaudhary Charan Singh inspires me a lot. I myself hail from a rural back-ground hence I know about the factual condition of the Indian agriculture. I realized that however agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy but it’s share is continuously decreasing and present condition is alarming. Eventually I also observed that there is a great potential to work in the rural development sector and NRM Base livelihoods.

Arpan members did their education from Udaipur so they knew very well about the pain of rural community and understand the main reasons for backwardness of this area. This is the lack of awareness in rural areas about the new technologies and methods in different fields of rural livelihood so Arpan has emphasized on awareness creations in initial stage. They all faced many problems and battle with the pains of left the few members at initial stage but he never discourage and move on the path with a full of hopes.

I learnt about Ralegaon Siddhi that how single handed effort of an individual metamorphosed a barren village into a model village to be followed in rural development sector. I started my journey with “Arpan Seva Sansthan”, inspired by my teachers and elders.

While working on various field works and projects relating to research during college period, we came in close touch with rural population of near by villages and districts of Udaipur. We observed that despite of the bountiful of natural resources; tribal are poor. The natural resources like forests, dams & vast minerals, available there are either neglected or not developed. And if at all they are developed somewhere, the benefits are exploited by the dominated class in society. Our major focus is this impoverished segment of our society.

It has been rightly said that
देश के विकास का रास्ता गावों और खेतों से होकर गुजरता है.

It implies that the way of development of a nation, passes through villages.

The quotation strikes us and after visualizing the actual picture of rural India, we decided to devote our professional career for rural society.

Arpan seeks to inculcate confidence, awareness generation and capacity building of the community. Our experience of last few years says that the active participation of community in the rural development program makes the program sustainable. And hence, the basic objective of rural development becomes smoother if the matrix of an organization and community matches. That is why Arpan precisely works on the need based programs.

After tow decade Arpan Seva Sansthan is having a plethora of achievements that we want to share through this website.

Dr. Subh Karan Singh