Arogyam – Har Ghar Shudh Jal Program

Arogyam – Har Ghar Shudh Jal Program in Rajasthan is an initiative by Arpan, supported by an Acquity knowledge Partner under CSR, and with technical assistance from IIT Jodhpur. The project aims to introduce the G-Filter and SSPV technology to the potters community in selected districts of Rajasthan as part of the "Har Ghar Shudh Jal" government initiative. In the first phase, the project was implemented in Bhim block of Rajsamand district, where over 400 families participated in the pilot demonstration of G-Filter and SSPV technologies. To increase its outreach, the project also demonstrated the product in schools to enhance children's knowledge about clean drinking water. In the second phase, the project expanded to 19 villages in Rajsamand, Bhilwara, and Udaipur districts. The G-Filter is a low-cost, gravity-based point-of-use drinking water treatment solution developed by rural potters. It is a frustum-shaped container that promises clean and affordable drinking water. On the other hand, the SSPV is a sub-surface porous vessel that provides assimilative nutrients to plants effectively with moderate water requirement, addressing the shortcomings of traditional pot irrigation.

Project Objectives

-Provide a long-term solution to improve the quality of drinking water through the technology transfer of G-Filters.
-Introduce the SSPV technology for effective nutrient supply to plants with moderate water usage.
-Enhance income generation opportunities for the potter communities.

Expected Outcomes

-Improved access to clean drinking water leading to better health and hygiene in the communities.
-Reduction in water-borne diseases like Typhoid and Hepatitis.
-Efficient nutrient supply to plants with minimal water usage through SSPV.
-Enhanced income and employment opportunities for the potter communities.