Creation of Water Economic Zones through Integrated Watershed Development in Kurabad Block, Udaipur Rajasthan

The "Creation of Water Economic Zones through Integrated Watershed Development" project aims to enhance the quality of life for the tribal and rural community residing in 14 villages of Kurabad block, Udaipur District, Rajasthan. The project focuses on sustainable livelihood enhancement through Natural Resource Management, with water conservation and harvesting being crucial elements to improve agricultural and allied activities, thereby increasing productivity and ensuring the long-term sustenance of the community.


Direct Beneficiaries:
2035 families with 9026 rural population
Total Area Covered
4,727 hectares, is covered in 14 villages of gram panchayats – Gudli, Bemla, Bori, Sulawas, Kot, Sihaad, and Kurabad.


Watershed Development:

Facilitating a total of 14,29,897 cubic meters of rainwater conservation through 153 water harvesting structures and 63,000 cubic meters of soil conservation measures. The project also resulted in a 1.39-meter increase in the groundwater table, an increase of 12.2 hectares in arable land, and 344.6 hectares under double cropping and 28 hectares under triple cropping.

Climate Smart Agriculture:

Promoting micro-irrigation systems (drip, sprinkler, and raingun) covering 45 hectares to increase water use efficiency in the 14 village

Land Reclamation/Rejuvenation:

Through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, the project transformed wasteland into the thriving Sanjeevan Eco Park. Farmers now earn an average annual income of Rs. 12,000 from this once unproductive area, which integrates horticulture, commercial plants like Malabar Neem, and medicinal crops. The 10.55-hectare agro-forestry plantations enhance biodiversity and provide sustainable livelihoods for beneficiaries. The eco-park stands as a testament to environmental rejuvenation and economic empowerment in the community.

Infrastructure Development:

Installed a 5-tonne cold storage with a standalone solar power system of 5 KW in Sanjeevan Eco Park to facilitate storage and preservation.Deployed a solar-powered 5 hp pump for efficient micro-irrigation (drip, sprinkler, and raingun) in the park.

Vertical Farming of Vegetables:

Introducing crop diversification and increasing income per unit of land with a significant increase in annual income (Rs. 66,620 per family) through vertical trellis (mandap) for vegetable cultivation.

The project showcases a holistic approach to natural resource management, water conservation, and sustainable livelihood enhancement, positively impacting the tribal and rural communities in the Kurabad Block of Udaipur District, Rajasthan.