Arpan's dedication to improving public health is evident through its focused interventions in various areas, addressing the health needs of vulnerable populations and promoting health rights for all. The organization's efforts encompass a wide range of health issues, from AIDS prevention to maternal and child health, adolescent girls' health and hygiene, and COVID-19 awareness and relief.

AIDS Prevention:

Arpan's long-standing efforts in HIV/AIDS prevention have been crucial in promoting the health of high-risk groups (HRGs) and controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS in Chittorgarh district. Through targeted interventions, Arpan has worked with female sex workers (FSWs) and men who have sex with men (MSM), contributing to better health outcomes in the region.

Maternal & Children Health & Nutrition:

Collaborating with the Department of Women & Child Development and Medical Health, Arpan focuses on improving maternal, child health, and nutrition indicators in rural communities. The organization's interventions with Anganwadis and health facilities have been instrumental in enhancing health outcomes for women and children.

Adolescent Girls Health & Hygiene:

Arpan has implemented programs to address the health and nutritional needs of adolescent girls. By providing education on issues related to puberty, menstruation hygiene, anemia, mental health, and more, Arpan empowers adolescent girls with essential health knowledge.

Health Camps & Check-up:

Regular health camps organized by Arpan in collaboration with government health facilities facilitate community mobilization, raise awareness, and support medical officers in providing health services. These camps play a vital role in promoting health awareness and early detection of health issues.

Nutrition Camps:

Arpan's efforts to improve nutrition involve conducting health check-ups of students, assessing their body mass index, identifying and treating ill children, and distributing essential supplements like iron and multivitamins. These initiatives contribute to the rehabilitation of malnourished children, ensuring their overall well-being.

COVID-19 Awareness and Relief:

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Arpan has integrated COVID awareness and preparedness components into all its projects. Through community mobilization, awareness campaigns, and vaccination programs, Arpan has played a crucial role in combating the pandemic's impact. The distribution of essential items like dry ration, cooked food, and sanitation kits to vulnerable families demonstrates Arpan's commitment to providing relief during challenging times.

Arpan's holistic approach to public health underscores its commitment to ensuring health information and services are accessible to children, adolescents, women, and the entire community. By addressing diverse health issues and collaborating with government agencies and other stakeholders, Arpan actively contributes to the well-being of the communities it serves.