Bringing Children Back to School

The project Bringing Children Back to School, Kurabad block – Udaipur, Rajasthan is a collaboration between Arpan Seva Sansthan and Capri Foundation under CSR, with the aim of ensuring the safe return of children to schools amid the pandemic. Implemented in 21 villages of Kurabad block in Udaipur district, Rajasthan, the project started in November 2021 and has benefitted 2657 children, 110 teachers, 3680 parents, and 462 SMC members through various activities.

Objectives of the project

Ensuring Safe School Resumption:

The project focuses on preparing children, caregivers, and schools for a safe resumption of school education, effectively mitigating the risks and impact of COVID-19.

Creating Safe and Inclusive Learning Environments:

The project aims to enhance retention of children by establishing safe, hygienic, and inclusive learning environments in schools.

Key activities conducted under the project include

Community-Level Mass Awareness Drives: Raising awareness among communities about school reopening and safety measures.

Distribution of Learning Kits: Providing learning kits to support children's education.

Onsite Academic Support: Offering academic support to bridge the learning gap.

Empowering SMCs and PTAs: Encouraging the identification and tracking of students at risk of dropping out and promoting their return to schools.

Equipping Schools with ICT-Based Education: Introducing SMART classrooms for enhanced learning experiences.

Sanitization/Disinfection of Schools: Regular sanitization and disinfection of schools for a safe environment.

Improving WASH Facilities: Renovating and constructing toilets, providing drinking water facilities, and promoting hygiene practices.

Pilot of Environment-Friendly Drinking Water Model: Implementing a safe and potable drinking water solution in schools.

COVID-19 Safety and Hygiene Training: Educating children on COVID-19 safety and hygiene practices.

Staff and SMC Member Orientation: Conducting training sessions on school and child development.

Through these efforts, the project aims to bring children back to school and ensure a conducive and secure learning environment, fostering their education and overall well-being.