Livelihood Enhancement

Arpan's focus on Livelihood Enhancement is a comprehensive and impactful approach to empowering rural communities through both farm and non-farm enterprise development. By promoting sustainable and innovative practices, Arpan has positively transformed the lives of numerous families, contributing to increased productivity and income levels.

Key interventions under Farm based livelihoods

Improved Agriculture:

By introducing modern techniques like Hi-Tech Agriculture, Precision, Polyhouse, Vertical Farming, and Micro Irrigation systems, along with proper crop-wise package of practices, Arpan has significantly increased productivity in cereals, pulses, and oilseeds. The adoption of Zero Budget Natural Farming and crop diversification has reduced agricultural risks, benefiting farmers and enhancing their income.


Through Horticulture WADI development and large-scale horticulture and forestry plantations, Arpan has provided sustainable livelihood opportunities to thousands of families. The cultivation of various fruits like Mango, Lemon, Guava, Pomegranate, Aonla, and Apple Ber has not only improved income levels but also contributed to environmental sustainability.

Animal Husbandry:

Arpan's focus on animal health camps, breed improvement, dairy development, and goatry promotion has had a significant impact on the livelihoods of rural families. The establishment of Rajasthan's First Private Veterinary Pathology Lab showcases Arpan's dedication to supporting animal husbandry practices.

Key interventions under Non-farm based livelihoods

Skill development:

By identifying the interests and feasibility of youths and women, Arpan has designed skill development programs, including retail, hospitality, customer relationship, electrician, plumbing, mason, sewing & tailoring, and value addition in agro-produce. This approach has empowered individuals to find sustainable income-generation opportunities.

Livelihood through convergence:

Arpan's efforts to increase the reach of government employment generation schemes among marginalized communities demonstrate their commitment to creating awareness and facilitating linkages with eligible beneficiaries, enhancing their access to livelihood opportunities.

Value Chain support:

Through the establishment of Farmer Producer Organizations and providing market linkages to both farm-based and non-farm-based livelihoods, Arpan has enabled over 50,000 beneficiaries to access sustainable markets, increasing their income and ensuring long-term economic growth.

Overall, Arpan's holistic approach to livelihood enhancement showcases their dedication to creating sustainable and impactful change in rural communities, uplifting the lives of thousands of families and fostering economic development.