Arpan's expertise in the field of education is evident through its innovative and sustainable solutions, particularly in establishing Learning Resource Centers at the village level. These centres have significantly improved access to education for children, reflecting Arpan's commitment to ensuring the right to education for all. The organization's focus on strengthening school education revolves around two key dimensions: providing quality education and enhancing school infrastructure. By collaborating with district and state-level government officials, Arpan maximizes its impact and creates long-lasting improvements in the education sector.

To Strengthen quality education

Building Capacity of Teachers and School Management Committees (SMCs):

Professional development opportunities are provided to teachers, and SMCs are empowered with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively manage and support schools.

Mainstreaming of Drop-out Children:

Arpan works towards reintegrating drop-out children back into the education system, providing necessary support and bridge programs to help them catch up on missed learning.

Bala Program - Child-friendly Learning:

Arpan's Bala Program focuses on creating child-friendly learning environments through innovative teaching methodologies, interactive learning materials, and child-centred pedagogical approaches.

Co-curricular Activities for Personality Development:

Alongside academic learning, Arpan promotes co-curricular activities like sports, arts, and cultural programs to foster personality development and enhance students' overall growth.

Mass Awareness Campaigns for Reducing Drop-out Percentage:

Arpan actively engages in awareness campaigns to highlight the importance of education, reduce drop-out rates, and encourage parental involvement in their children's education.

Establishment of Learning and Resource Centers:

These centres serve as hubs for educational materials, technology, and learning resources, enhancing the teaching and learning process.

Baal Sansad & Baal Samiti:

Arpan promotes student-led governance through Children's Parliament (Baal Sansad) and Children's Committee (Baal Samiti) initiatives, empowering students to voice their opinions and participate in decision-making.

To strengthen school infrastructure

Establishment of Smart Classrooms:

Technology-enabled smart classrooms enhance the learning experience through interactive digital content and multimedia resources.

Provision of Safe Drinking Water Facilities:

Arpan prioritizes the installation of safe drinking water facilities in schools, ensuring access to clean and potable water for students and staff.

Establishment of Laboratories:

Well-equipped laboratories promote hands-on learning experiences, allowing students to engage in practical experiments and scientific exploration.

Provision of Playing Equipment and Sports Kits:

Arpan promotes physical fitness and sports by providing schools with playing equipment and sports kits, encouraging active participation in sports activities.

Establishment of Libraries:

Libraries within schools foster a love for reading and intellectual growth among students.

Plantation in Schools:

Environmental conservation is promoted through plantation drives, raising awareness about the importance of trees and environmental responsibility.

Construction and Renovation of Toilets:

Arpan works towards improving sanitation facilities in schools by constructing and renovating toilets equipped with proper water supply, ensuring hygienic and accessible sanitation facilities for students and staff.

Through these comprehensive interventions, Arpan creates a conducive and inclusive learning environment that ensures quality education for all children, empowering them to reach their full potential and contribute positively to society.