‘Saksham’ – Building Institution to Address Malnutrition in two Gram Panchayats of Phulera Block, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Project Location:

Dhani Boraj and Dinda, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Project Duration:

January to December 2021

Project Summary:

‘Saksham’ project is an initiative to achieve the goal of ‘malnutrition-free panchayat’. The project aims to address malnutrition and strengthen the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) through various interventions at panchayat level in project location. Providing support to all the Anganwadi Centres (AWC) to achieve 100 percent enrollment of children, pregnant women and lactating mother for immunization, weight and growth management and strengthening all six services of Anganwadis.
Arpan with support from Jumio India CSR approaches the project by developing a rapid baseline of malnutrition among children, adolescents and women in proposed project villages. Based on this base line intervention plans such as enrolment drive, household counselling, child tracking, capacity building and IEC were developed to support ICDS and Anganwadis including capacity building of village level functionaries. Connecting all relevant community as well as government intuitions with a purpose of addressing malnutrition will be main aim of this project.
This project is designed in a way to address the emerging issues of sever and acute malnutrition among children in convergence with ICDS and health department GoR. ARPAN has committed to save our future generations and preparing level planning ground for all the section of society. With this project Arapn will demonstrate the potential for strengthening government system to address nutritional issues locally

Project Objectives

  • Providing support to all Anganwadi Centres under the project to achieve hundred percent enrolment of childrenand women, ensuring proper immunization and weighment and growth monitoring of children.
  • Regular monitoring of malnourished children for growth through weigh measurement, diet and health counselling.
  • Social audit of Anganwadis to Strengthen all six services of Anganwadi Centre for addressing malnutrition among children, adolescents, and women .
  • Entitlement facilitation