A booklet in Hindi which elaborates the different systems & practices for better production in Kharif Cropping.

Swayam Sahayta Samooh (Prashikshan Pustika)

A booklet in Hindi as a Training Guide for the formation & better operation of Self Help Groups.

Nursery Prabandhan

A booklet in Hindi demonstrating the modus operandi of Management of Nursery.

Vermi Compost–Jaivik Krishi Ka Adhar

A booklet in Hindi describing Vermicomposting in easy language.

Jaivik Krishi – Khushaal KIsan, Vermi Compost – Prashikshan Pustika

A booklet in Hindi to perform Organic Farming with Vermi Compost.

Phalotpadan Ki Unnat Krishi Taknik

A booklet in Hindi for Horticulture.

Pashudhan Prabandhan

A booklet in Hindi for Livestock Management.

Aushdhiya Phaslon Ki Kheti

A booklet in Hindi telling Farming Procedures of Medicinal Plants.

Sabjiyon Ki Unnat Kheti

A booklet in Hindi detailing best farming practices of Vegetables.

Some other publications relating to different programmes are as follows:

Vermicomposting Publications

Use of Vermicompost

Use of Vermicompost

Future of organic agriculture

Vermicompost: Kam Lagat Ki Kheti

Jaivik Khad: Krishak Mitra

Vermicompost: Banane Ki Vidhi avem fayde

Watershed Publications

Swayam Sahayta Samooh (A booklet for SHG)

Kharif Ki Unnat Kheti (How to grow better autumn crop)

Falotpadan (Growing Fruits)

Rabi Ki Unnat Kheti (How to grow better spring crop)

Sabji Utpadan (Growing Vegetables)

Nursery Prabhanadan (Nursery Management)

PashuPalan (Animal Husbandry)

Aushdhi Fasale (Medicinal Herbs)

Jal Grahan Uprant Prabhandhan (Water-shed Management)