Arpan Seva Sansthan is implementing Project Manthan-Dairy Development and Animal Husbandry Development Program in the Reengus, Khandela, and Sri Madhopur blocks of Sikar in Rajasthan and Manesar in Haryana. The project is funded by Dharampal Satyapal Ltd (DS) Group, Noida, under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and is focused on livestock development and support to cattle-rearing families. Since its initiation in 2016, the project aims to improve the socio-economic condition of beneficiaries through livestock interventions.

Issues Addressed by the Project

-Low productivity in the livestock sector due to insufficient and inaccessible extension and support activities, limited technological improvements, and poor management practices.
-Improve the resource base for sustainable impact by enhancing cattle health and management practices, breed improvement, better health facilities, feed and fodder security, credit linkages, and accessible support systems for milk marketing.
-Address the unorganized and poorly recognized status of women, despite their significant contributions in livestock management, feed and fodder, and agriculture.

Project Outreach






Milking animals

Key Objectives

Breed Improvement: Implementing artificial insemination and promoting indigenous high-yielding breeds.

Improve Feed Management: Ensuring better feed practices for livestock.

Provide Veterinary Services: Offering veterinary support and healthcare for animals.

Promote Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) for Future Marketing: Establishing FPOs for better market linkages.

Generate Backward and Forward Linkages: Establishing connections with the community and research institutes for project sustainability.

Key Outcomes

Improved Conception and Safe Delivery Rate: Achieving 55% at 21 days, 82% at 90 days, and 95% at 280/310 days, with an average success rate of 48% (higher than the GoI's result of 28%).

Community-Based Institutions (CBOs): Developed at the village level (Farmer Interest Groups) in all 30 villages, federated to FPO level.

Convergence Activities: Conducted with the Department of Animal Husbandry and Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), including health check-up camps with veterinary doctors and provision of medicines for animals.

Veterinary Pathology Lab: Established in Ringus, Rajasthan, under the project for diagnosing animal diseases.

Increase in Milk Production: Achieving an increase of 0.5 to 4 liters in milk production per animal.

Peak Milk Yield: Improved from 12-15 liters.

Lactation Milk Yield: Enhanced from 2,100-2,500 liters.

Availability of A2 Milk: Introduced to meet market demand.

Timely Treatment of Diseases: Ensuring prompt healthcare for animals.

Improved Animal Feed: Introducing and promoting better animal feed practices.

Quality Animal Feed through FPO: Preparing quality animal feed through FPO initiatives.

Through these key outcomes, Project Manthan has made significant strides in enhancing livestock productivity, improving the socio-economic conditions of cattle-rearing families, and creating sustainable livelihood alternatives in the targeted districts.