Holistic rural development project – Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh) by HDFC Bank CSR (PARIVARTAN- A way towards progress)

Arpan Seva Sansthan is executing HRDP project in Lateri block of Vidisha district (Madhya Pradesh)with a coverage of 10 villages with the support of HDFC Bank CSR. The project has been commissionedfrom July 1st 2020 with a goal ofLivelihood Enhancement and improvement of quality of life through Sustainable use of Natural Resources by Community in ten Villages of Vidisha District of Madhya Pradesh. The motive of the project is to serve the poor, marginalized, underserved and under privileged community through creating some sustainable livelihood alternatives. The outreach of the project is 10 villages considering 4275 families..

The objective of the project are as following:

  • To generate awareness on different Natural Resource Management technology for water conservation (surface and ground water) and its management in proper manner.
  • To motivate farmers towards adoption of new agricultural technologies with concept of Farmers’ Field School.
  • To improve level of ground water significantly by the adoption of various water conservation techniques.
  • To promote vegetable cultivation for getting higher income as well as nutrients to family members .
  • To aware the community about health and sanitation.
  • To promote income generation activities and self employment options for women and youth.

Activities done so far:-

Water resource development

Under the NRM activities 07 Stop Dams, 13 Farm Ponds and 02 Community Pond has been established. Apart from these, 01 pond has been deepened and 10 existing wells has been deepened with renovation work. Through these structures 1110 acres of land being irrigated

Each structure has Water User Groups to utilize the water better and taking care of structure. The developed institution promotes their team work and management skills among them.

Integrated agriculture development
  • 60 Farmers have adopted Improved Agricultural Practices called multi-tier Cropping System, from which they started earning minimum 70 to 75 thousand in a season. Apart from this, intercropping fruit plants have increased their income by 30%.
  • 101 farmers have grown foundation Seeds of Wheat and Gram, through which by farmers can harvest 24 – 25 quintals of wheat and 14 – 15 quintals of Gram.
  • 50 Farmers are growing Coriander crop in total 125 acres of land, and by commercialized farming and each farmer can harvest 14 to 15 quintals of coriander. In a single harvesting they could earn 1.54 lakhs.
  • 45 farmers are cultivating Sponge Guard, Bottle Guard, Brinjal, Lady Finger, Chilli, Tomato and Bitter Guard vegetable.
  • 452.5 acres of land is covered under all the agricultural practices.
Integrated livestock development
  • 55 pastoralists have changed their cattle feeding style by cultivating berseem (fodder crop) and 10 families have started Azolla unit in their home land.
  • 10 Animal Health Camps were organized to treat 1740 unfit animals.
Skill development and institution building
  • 10 Village Development Committee (VDCs) and 33 Water User Groups are working to manage assets and its utility.
  • 20 SHGs Training were organized to make women aware about Micro enterprises and different govt. Schemes and that has increased their social status.
  • 20 farmers training organized to improve their knowledge and agricultural practices. It has enable farmers to cultivate crop in scientific ways and benefiting more than before.
  • In 02 Farmer Exposure visits 98 farmers were organized to get exposure on improved agricultural techniques and methodology, and teach about the better way to minimize the expenses on agricultural practices.
Livelihood promotion
  • Women group has started Dona Plate Enterprises in the Jhukar Jogi of village of Lateri block.
  • 01 Masala Making Unit has been established in the Jhukar Jogi village of Lateri block.
  • Backyard kitchen gardening started by the 500 families.
Education support in school
  • Govt. Schools are supported by the Library Setup, Sports Kit and 100 Fruit & Forestry Plantation at school premises, Bala Program, out of these 02 schools have converted into smart school. Through these activities 1935 students are benefiting.
Farm Pond
Masala Making Unit
Wheat Crop Demonstration
Vegetable Cultivation
Coriander Crop Demonstration
Stop Dam, Village – Ranidhar, Tehsil – Lateri, Dist – Vidisha (M.P.)
Multi-Tier Cropping System