Ab Meri Baari

Arpan with the support of the Royal Rajasthan foundation working towards institutional strengthening and convergence to address the Covid pandemic situation along with the issues of adolescent in the 2 Gram-Panchayat of Phulera and 2 Gram-Panchayat of Mojmabad block in Jaipur. This project will enable adolescent girls as a change maker to fight with any pandemic situation. This scheme is implemented with convergence with the state government. In this groups 450 adolescent girls will be identified and get empowered, where as 1500 households will be able to get benefits from this project.

Under this project, training is provided to the adolescent girls for knowledge and skill enhancement and attitude to be changed in the following aspects.

  • Covid Appropriate Behaviour during school visit or any other place.
  • Motivate 18+ community for vaccination.
  • How to maintain high immunity level by using home remedial methods.
  • Protect self and other- tools and methods.
  • Knowledge building on entitlements available for address Covid situation.
  • Orientation of maintaining menstruation hygiene.
  • Capacity building on Covid risk assessment tools.
  • Basic symptoms of Covid- need to refer local PHC/subcenters.
  • Linking Covid affected facilities with Mukhyamantri Covid Relief Fund.

This project will create strong linkage between government departments and local communities. This project is majorly supports SDG 17 and other than this, it also supports 1, 2, 3,4, 5 and 6. Apart from this, knowledge and skills gained during this project will empower girls for their future as well.