Natural Resource Management

Arpan's commitment to Natural Resource Management (NRM) highlights the vital role that natural resources play in sustaining life on Earth and their significance in combating climate change. By focusing on the sustainable utilization of major natural resources and preserving ecosystem services, Arpan is contributing to bettering the quality of human life.

Key interventions under NRM

Watershed Management

Arpan recognizes the importance of watersheds as crucial areas for rainwater drainage and resource management. Through adaptive and integrated multi-resource management planning, Arpan strives to balance ecological, economic, and social conditions within watersheds. The projects have covered 51,680 hectares of treated area and 13,500 hectares under treatment, leading to increased water holding capacity and ground water recharge potential. With 18 total watershed projects, the initiative has positively impacted over 35,000 beneficiary families.

Animal Welfare

Acknowledging the significance of animals in rural communities, Arpan places emphasis on animal health and welfare practices. Animal Health Camps have provided services to over 35,000 animals, contributing to reduced mortality and increased productivity. The focus on breed improvement, dairy development, feed management, and promotion of micro-enterprises in dairy products has further supported sustainable animal husbandry practices.


Arpan actively participates in joint forest management, collaborating with forest departments and rural communities to develop and manage forests on mutually agreed terms. The initiative has resulted in afforestation in 5,500 hectares of area. Moreover, the "Regenerating Rajasthan" project aims to plant 46.8 million native forestry trees in 30,000 hectares over the next seven years, significantly contributing to carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation.

Arpan's dedicated efforts in Natural Resource Management not only benefit the environment but also improve the livelihoods and well-being of rural communities. By ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources and fostering environmental stewardship, Arpan is playing a crucial role in creating a more sustainable and resilient future for all.